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Riverside High School

Dear Student, Parents and Families,  


Welcome to the Riverside High School community!    We hope that your association with our school is a productive and enjoyable one and we look forward to building and maintaining strong, positive relationships with students and their families. We are committed to ensuring that the transition to Riverside High School is a positive and affirming experience for all.

This school was established in 1962 and, in partnership with the community, has gained an enviable reputation statewide.   This reputation has been partly built on the achievements of our students in a wide variety of academic, sporting and cultural pursuits.   Our former students have gone on to further successes in many areas including business, politics, education, the performing arts and sport.  

We aim to provide programs which not only develop students’ knowledge, skills and understandings but also nurture their personal development and support their wellbeing.   We promote learning for life, and endeavour to equip students to be able to deal with future challenges and triumphs.  We ensure that there are opportunities for everyone to achieve personal excellence, and have, as one of our objectives, that when our students leave Riverside High School at the end of Grade 10, they are independent learners who have clear goals and a sense of purpose to make the most of their talents, skills and abilities.  Most importantly, we want our students to understand that success comes from hard work and effort.

As well as studying a comprehensive range of subjects, students have the opportunity to participate in a range of extra-curricula programs including, music and drama activities, art exhibition and sports teams.  Our school has a demonstrated commitment to challenging and extending students; we have enjoyed considerable success in Science Challenges, Maths Relays, Apex Fashion Awards, the Frank MacDonald Prize, MUNA and a variety of competitions.  We are also committed to developing students’ leadership potential and the majority of our students undertake leadership training for various roles during their time here.

This handbook aims to introduce you to our school and to help you become more familiar with how our school functions.   Within it you will find information on a variety of topics ranging from student support to uniform guidelines, to canteen arrangements.  We also produce a fortnightly newsletter which is published every second Friday, in order to keep parents, carers and students fully informed about school activities and events.

Schoolzine is our online communication tool and includes access to our school website, the school newsletter, along with links to our APP and Facebook page.

Parents, carers and students are often anxious about the transition to high school, and we hope that this information, together with the various transition activities, will assist.  Please remember that we always look forward to your direct communication at any time, and we urge you to participate in your child’s journey through high school as much as you did through their primary years.  Young people do like you to be involved, in spite of what you might hear. 

You are now a very welcome member of our school community.

Ms Natalie Odgers





Term 1 Start: Wednesday 8 February. Term 1 Finish: Thursday 13 April.

Easter break: Friday 14 April – 18 April.

Term 2 Start: Monday 1 May. Term 2 Finish: Friday 7 July.

Term 3 Start: Tuesday 25 July.  Term 3 Finish: Friday 29 September.

Term 4 Start: Monday 16 October. Term 4 Finish: Thursday 21 December.