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Student Information


A Grade 7 Activities Day is held each year.  Grade 10 Peer Mentors attend the Grade 7 Day to assist with the induction of Grade 7s into the school.  We strongly encourage all students to attend.

A range of outdoor recreational and personal development courses are offered to other grades throughout the year in Grade Time and through optional half-year courses.


PEER MENTORING is a program based on the principle that, at every level and in every age group in society, people absorb information and values from each other. The program aims to develop communication, self-esteem and leadership skills in secondary students, through small caring Peer Mentoring groups.   These groups provide a safe and friendly environment where all participants have the opportunity to experience success in group work.

Positive peer influence is introduced into our school community by training senior students to act as group leaders to a small group of Grade 7 students. The program provides senior students with an opportunity to accept responsibility within our school and educates our Grade 7 students so that they are more able to resist negative peer pressure and to care for each other.

Peer Mentors make their first contact with Grade 6 students on Orientation Day which this year will be on Wednesday, 27 November 2019.   During Term 1 Grade 7 students participate in Peer Mentoring sessions during Grade Time and Peer Mentors conduct sessions and visit during Home Group periods. Grade 10 Peer Mentors attend the Grade 7 camp to assist with the induction of Grade 7s into the school.

While it is not mandatory, many of our Peer Mentors maintain close ties with our Grade 7 students by organising and supervising activities for them during the remainder of the year.


  1. Financial Assistance
    Information about all forms of government assistance for students is available from our Admin Team.  It is a requirement that applications for assistance be completed by the end of November.

  2. Attendance and Punctuality
    Schools are required by law to keep an accurate record of attendance.   When a student is absent or late, our Admin Team may be contacted by phone, SMS, email, message via the Schoolzine App or a note.
    Riverside High has introduced an SMS messaging system to alert parents/carers of unexplained absences.  After morning attendance has been entered, an SMS message will be sent for that particular day and a reply message with an explanation would be appreciated.  This enables us to keep accurate records and means that we can target those who are regularly absent rather than those whose absence is explained by illness, other learning activities or the like.  If you have changed your mobile phone number or know that we do not have a record of your mobile phone number, we would appreciate a contact to inform us.
    Absenteeism, including continued lateness, has a serious effect on learning, so further contact will be made when our school has a concern about a student’s attendance.

  3. Care of Property
    All personal items should be clearly labelled.  Students are issued with a locker and a combination lock.   Students should not leave possessions, including lunch and money, in school bags.
    Students are not permitted to bring valuable personal items to school.   Where it is unavoidable, such items can be left with a teacher or at our Admin Office.
    Our school does not accept liability for the theft of items when it has been made clear to students that such items should not be brought to school. 

  4. Health
    It is a parental responsibility to ensure that our school is fully informed of all health matters which affect a student’s safety, behaviour and/or performance.  Such information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, although with some conditions such as anaphylaxis or diabetes, it is important that all staff are informed.

  5. First Aid
    We have several staff who are qualified to provide First Aid Support to our students and staff.

Some key points for you to be aware of:

  • The health and well-being of our students and staff is our priority - all matters will be managed in a caring and respectful manner
  • The purpose of our First Aid Support is to provide care and follow up when an incident/accident occurs at school (we are unable to provide medical advice and follow up from injuries that occurred outside of school hours)
  • If a student becomes unwell at school, and is unable to participate in our normal learning program, our Admin Team or First Aid Officer will contact home and arrange for a parent/carer to take the student home.
  • We will seek professional support as required and be guided by professional advice and DoE Guidelines.

A reminder that we follow Department for Education,  Children and Young People guidelines regarding the use of medication by students:

  • Please be aware that students who require an Epi Pen must carry it with them at all times.  Spare Epi Pens will be available, in an emergency, from First Aid/Admin Office
  • Medication cannot be given to students without written permission from parents (DoE letter template to be completed)

We are unable to issue any medication including Panadol to students unless:

  • Parents/carers complete a written request to the school to administer the medication. You can download this form from the department’s website at: 
  • Provide signed authorisation from your medical practitioner/pharmacist or nurse giving specific instructions for the administration of the medication (Panadol)
  • Transfer the medication (Panadol) safely to the school
  • Provide the medication (Panadol) in the originally prescribed containers only
  • Students who require a Medical Action Plan need to have this updated at the beginning of each school year
  • It is important that parents are aware of our First Aid processes; please contact the Admin Team or Grade Leaders if you have further information that needs to be provided/updated or any matters that may need further discussion.


Additional Education Programs endeavour to equip students with the skills necessary to develop independence in learning and to achieve individual potential. This is achieved by supporting students who need assistance beyond that offered by mainstream subject programs. Our program focuses on Grades 7 and 8 and continues into Grades 9 and 10 depending on student needs.

Additional Education Programs aim to:

  • Develop self-esteem in students so that they may function confidently in the regular classroom situation and fulfil their potential as learners
  • Equip students with literacy/numeracy and organisational skills
  • Develop in students the skills necessary to make independent judgements about, and assume responsibility for, individual learning
  • Help teachers to modify programs to enable students to participate fully

Programs include:

  • Shine Program – a 7-10 week program for girls that focuses on self- esteem and self-worth.
  • Drumbeat – a 7-10 week program that aims to build student resilience and social skills through the use of rhythm.
  • Connections Mentoring Program (through Teen Challenge) – “Encouraging life ready young people through positive role modelling relationships”
  • Healthy Headspace Program – a 6 week program that aims to develop students’ self-esteem, confidence, interpersonal skills and resilience


Students are selected for involvement in the Additional Education program as a result of any combination of:

  • Specific literacy/numeracy testing and assessment
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Student request for assistance
  • Parent request


Social Workers employed by the Department of Education offer a confidential support service to students, families and teachers.


1          Who are School Social Workers?

School Social Workers are qualified Social Workers who work with children, adolescents, parents/carers and school staff within a school community.

2          What do Social Workers do?

The aim of School Social Work is to act to optimise educational opportunities for all young people and to identify and address barriers to these opportunities.

School Social Workers accept the values and direction of the DOE, ie. Equal Access,

Equal Opportunity, Gender Equity and aim to assist schools in the provision of appropriate programs sensitive to the needs of disadvantaged students.  Social Workers draw on the values of the Professional Code of Ethics of the Australian Association of Social Workers (1994).

2.1       Statutory Duties

  • Investigating and supporting families and students around attendance issues.
  • Supporting Exemption and eSchool applications where appropriate.
  • Investigating and reporting of paid employment of children under the age of fourteen years.
  • Liaising with Child Protection and Tas Police when dealing with safety and legal issues.

2.2       Administrative Tasks

  • Procurement of financial assistance for school uniforms, shoes, books, school excursions and camps, and assistance with applications for Centrelink Allowances.
  • Letters and reports to parents and other agencies.
  • Reports and follow-up concerning referrals from school or Department officers.
  • Maintenance of records and statistics.
  • Preparation of reports regarding students referred to the eSchool, Special Education facilities or other Department placement initiatives.

2.3       Professional Tasks

  • Home-school liaison.
  • Support and advocacy for students, parents, school staff and principals.
  • Personal counselling and/or group work.
  • Liaison with other agencies (government and non-government) and community groups.
  • Mediation between home, school and/or other agencies.
  • Referral of students and parents to other agencies.
  • Information and resource person for students, teachers, principals and other agencies.
  • Consultation with Departmental officers.
  • Professional Development.
  • Social Workers give assistance and support to students in schools and colleges, parent/carers, school personnel and others within the DOE.
  • Social Workers are also able to provide information and give advice to schools and other community groups concerning the needs of children and how best to help them.

3          How Do Social Workers Work?

3.1       Social Workers may work directly with students, as well as indirectly, through parent/carers, teachers and other health and education professionals.

4          Social Workers do this by:

4.1       Working with students who have difficulties with:

a) coping with their peers, parent/carers, teachers, communicating with people;

b) taking responsibility for their behaviour, for example, controlling their temper, stealing, withdrawing;

c) adjusting to issues which arise for them, for example, grief, stress, pregnancy, conflict, school refusal, parents’ separation/divorce;

d) coping with their emotions;

Referral to specialists in each of these areas is initiated when found necessary.


4.2       Working with parent/carers regarding;

a) understanding their children

b) seeking solutions to their difficulties

c) parenting programs

d) counselling and consultation


4.3       Working with teachers and schools by being involved in:

a) the management and support of students with the difficulties outlined above

b) policy making such as discipline, pastoral care, health policies

c) programs, for example:

  • Peer support
  • Social skills
  • Self esteem
  • Supportive school environment
  • Stress management
  • Anger management
  • Assertiveness
  • Effective communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Mediation

d) in-service training of teachers

e) teacher consultation, programs and counselling

f) providing vocational guidance advice


4.4       Liaising and advocating on behalf of schools, parent/carers and students with other agencies,

doctors, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, school psychologists, special education teachers and other support staff.

4.5       Assisting parents and teachers in making decisions about the education of students with

special needs, appropriate class placements and alternative programs.

5          Who Can Refer?

Social Workers accept referrals from:

  • Teachers
  • Parents/carers
  • Health and Education Professionals
  • Students themselves
  • Practitioners from other agencies

Support staff have a busy case load therefore not all students who are referred can be seen immediately.  However, Social Workers assess the urgency of new referrals and adjust their care accordingly in negotiations with Principal and other support staff.

If you have an urgent referral you should talk to our School Principal.

Riverside High School has a Social Worker based at our school three days per week. Parent/carers and students are welcome to contact our Social Worker on 6327 6333 to discuss any matters of concern.


Who are School Psychologists?

School Psychologists are registered Psychologists with The Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency.   They work with children and adolescents within a school community.

What do School Psychologists do?

School Psychologists support the development of students by providing a psychological service to the school community.   This Service includes:

  • Student assessment (educational, behavioural, social, emotional and cognitive)
  • Special educational and behavioural management programs
  • Parent consultation
  • Teacher consultation and programs
  • Student programs and personal counselling
  • Critical incident management
  • Policy planning and development

How do they do this?

By working directly with students in need, or indirectly with others, for example, teachers, parent/carers, peers, health and educational professionals.

Who can refer?

School Psychologists accept referrals from:

  • Teachers
  • Parents/carers
  • Health and Education professionals
  • Students themselves

How to contact School Psychologists

Riverside High School has a School Psychologist based at our school two days per week. Parent/carers and students are welcome to contact our School Psychologist on 6327 6333 to discuss any matters of concern.


This program aims to support schools to create a physical and social environment that promotes health and wellbeing and assists to improve the health and education outcomes for young people.

Who are School Health Nurses?

School Health Nurses are trained health professionals.

What do School Health Nurses do?

School Nurses provide students with an easily accessible point of contact for health care and will subsequently address a wide range of health related issues. This includes:

  • Promotion of good health and wellbeing;
  • Sexual health and relationships;
  • Addictions and risk taking behaviours;
  • Body image, physical activity and nutrition
  • General hygiene
  • Mental health and resilience

How do they do this?

  • By working directly with students in need, or indirectly with others, for example, teachers, parent/carers, peers, health and educational professionals.

Who can refer?

School Health Nurses accept referrals from:

  • Teachers
  • Parents/carers
  • Health and Education professionals
  • Students themselves

How to contact the School Health Nurse

Riverside High School has a School Nurse based at our school two days per week. Parent/carers and students are welcome to contact our School Health Nurse on 6327 6333 to discuss any matters of concern.


Who are School Chaplains?

School Chaplains are important members of the RHS Support Team who are employed in accordance with the Department of Education’s Chaplaincy guidelines.

What do School Chaplains do?

School Chaplains provide:

  • Mentoring and role modelling and assistance to young people to develop positive and supportive relationships
  • Educational support in classroom activities under the direction of teachers
  • Opportunities to build strong links between the school and the wider community
  • Social and emotional support through bereavement, difficult family and peer relationships and other life issues
  • Support for extra-curricular activities including excursions, carnivals and camps

How do they do this?

  • By working directly with students requiring additional support or indirectly with others, for example, teachers, parents/carers and health and educational professionals.

Who can refer?

School Chaplains accept referrals from:

  • Teachers
  • Parents/carers
  • Health and education professionals
  • Students themselves

How to contact School Chaplains?

Riverside High School has a School Chaplain based at our school one day a week. Parents/carers and students are welcome to contact our School Chaplain by phoning 6327 6333.



All buses arrive and depart from bus stops on the school side of Brownfield Lane.


  1. All students should exit our school via Brownfield Lane where two crossings are provided or use the footpath near the Primary School.
  2. West Tamar Highway - students are required to use the underpass provided and should NOT cross this road at any other point.
  3. Due to the volume and speed of traffic on the highway, all other crossings should be at traffic light control points, near either the shopping centre or Ecclestone Road.
  4. Parent pick up and drop off bays are provided in our turning circle. These are short term parking bays.  A crossing provides easy access across Brownfield Lane.
  5. Students on excursions will leave the school from either the bus stops on Brownfield Lane or the bus bays in the adjacent turning circle.


Bicycles must be placed in the bike racks, which are out of bounds to all students during the school day.  Bikes must be walked into the school grounds from the highway. On departure, bikes must be walked to the highway.

Helmets must be worn at all times as required by law. 

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in withdrawal of permission to bring bikes to school.  Skateboards, scooters etc may not be brought to school and are not used at school unless they are included in a specific Health and Wellbeing program.

Parent/Carer Cars

Parent/carers are advised that for reasons of safety they should use Brownfield Lane and its adjoining car parks for delivery and collection of students.




  • accept that the driver is in charge and obey his or her instructions
  • if directed by the driver, occupy a particular seat
  • sit properly on the seat
  • respect bus property and the property of others by not marking or damaging it
  • remove bag from back before entering and exiting the bus
  • place bag/s under the seat or in the storage areas provided
  • board and leave the bus in an orderly manner
  • behave safely at all times
  • show my green card or ticket to the driver on boarding where required


  • physically or verbally harass other passengers or the driver
  • distract the driver from his or her duties
  • create unnecessary noise
  • move about while the bus is in motion
  • extend any part of my body out of the windows
  • throw any objects either inside or out of the bus
  • smoke while on the bus
  • eat or drink while on the bus without the permission of the driver
  • carry illegal, oversize and/or dangerous objects
  • obstruct the aisle, door or emergency exits
  • alter, deface, misuse or fraudulently obtain a bus pass
  • give, lend or transfer my bus pass or ticket to another student
  • stand on, or put my feet on the seat




6336 5888  OR Bus Timetable Hotline – 132201


6383 1221


6336 1444


All buses arrive and depart from the bus turning circle.   Stops are numbered starting with Stop No 1 which is nearest to Brownfield Lane (near brown rubbish bin).

Regularly updated information on: (then look in School Routes, Launceston tab, Riverside High School) - this is a user friendly website.


Route 273

7:45 am

Depart Stop H York St via York St, Margaret St, Paterson St – Trevallyn Rd – Gorge Rd (Trevallyn Shops). Turn at Roundabout into Bald Hill Rd, Veulalee Ave, Pitt Ave, Reatta Rd, Coulter St, New World Ave to Reatta Rd Terminus then turn into Reatta Rd – Pitt Ave – Pomona Rd – West Tamar Hwy to Riverside High School.

Route 271

7:45 am


Depot, via Connaught Cres, Brougham St, Basin Rd, Granville St, Vaux St, Cambridge St to old West Lton terminus, then return down Cambridge St to Outram St, Salisbury Cres, Granville St, to old Basin Rd terminus, Brougham St, Hillside Cres, Frederick St,  Margaret St, West Tamar Rd to Riverside High School.

Route 283


Route 283 has one pick up in Granville St at approx. 8:16am before dropping off students to West Launceston Primary School.

8:20am the bus then travels express (no stops) between Basin Rd and Frederick St. 

Students can catch the bus in Frederick St, then on to Margaret St, West Tamar Road then Riverside High School at approx. 8:31am.

Students who normally catch a bus from Brougham Street or Hillside Crescent will need to catch the 271 bus that leaves Brougham Street at approximately 8:00am.

Route 275

8:15 am

Departs Delungra Rd Terminus at 8:15am into Delungra Rd, Anderson Rd, Fairthorne Rd, Fulford St, Gorge Rd at Roundabout into Bald Hill Rd, Veulalee Ave, Pitt Ave, Pomona Rd, and West Tamar Rd to Riverside High School.


Route 281

8:30 am

Departs from Stop H (Allgoods), York St, West Tamar Rd to Riverside High School.








Route 280






Route 240

3:15 pm







3:46 pm

Riverside High School via West Tamar Rd then into Margaret St, Frederick St, Hillside Cres, Brougham St, then into Basin Rd, Granville St then via Granville St, Salisbury Cres, Ashleigh Ave at roundabout into Vaux St then Cambridge St to West L’ton terminus, Cambridge St, Peel St, Stanley St, Lavender Gr, Hardwicke St, Peel St, Willow Lane, Mount Leslie Rd into grounds of St Patricks College.

RHS students TRANSFER to this service from the Route 280 bus at St Patricks College.  Departs St Patricks College STOP D at 3:46pm, Casino Rise 3:53pm, Neptune Dr 3:58pm, Bayview Dr 4:03pm, terminates in Blackstone Rd 4:10pm.




Route 270

3:20 pm

Riverside High School, West Tamar Rd, to Brisbane St to Launceston College Stop, then Target Stop in Brisbane St.





Route 276

3:15 pm

Riverside High School, West Tamar Rd, Pomona Rd, Pitt Ave, Veulalee Ave, Bald Hill Rd, Gorge Rd, Fulford St, Fairthorne Rd, Denman Rd, Dandenong Rd, Delungra Rd, Anderson Rd, Fairthorne Rd, Gorge Rd, Trevallyn Rd.




Route 278

3:25 pm

Riverside High School, West Tamar Rd, Margaret St, Frederick St, Hillside Cres, Brougham St, Basin Rd, to old Basin Rd Terminus in Granville St, then Brougham St into Connaught Cres then Howick St to Depot




Route 274

3:20 pm

Riverside High School, West Tamar Rd, Pomona Rd, Pitt Ave, Veulalee Ave, Bald Hill Rd, Gorge Rd,  Trevallyn Rd, Paterson St, Wellington St, Elizabeth St, St John St.




Route 272

3:30 pm

Riverside High School, West Tamar Rd, Forest Rd, West Tamar Rd,  into Pomona Rd, Pitt Ave, Reatta Rd, Coulter St, New World Ave, Reatta Rd, Veulalee Ave, Bald Hill Rd at Roundabout into Gorge Rd – Trevallyn Rd – Paterson St then Margaret St, Brisbane St to Launceston College stop then to Target stop

STOPS 3 & 4



Various Routes:  Devil, Platypus, Kangaroo

STOPS 3 & 4



Various Routes

METRO services leave mostly from STOPS 1 & 2

MANIONS and other services mostly from STOPS 3 & 4

Refer to Metro Tasmania, Manion’s and other transport providers’ websites for specific detail and route planning.

Brendan Manion’s Coaches Pty Ltd:  Regularly updated information on:



MORNING SERVICE:  Servicing Legana through to all schools in Riverside.

Enter Bindaree Road 8:00am travel via Bindaree Road, Jetty Road, Beach Road 8:05am and Freshwater Point Road, Bindaree Road to St Clair Road 8:10am Myall St, Wongarra Avenue, Alawoona Street, Bullman Drive 8:13am, Fulton Street and onto the West Tamar Highway to all schools in Riverside, outside Launceston Christian School calling into St Anthony’s, outside Riverside High School and down Cleghorn Ave to Riverside Primary School.

AFTERNOON SERVICE:  Riverside High School 3:20pm travels via West Tamar Highway to Legana turns right into Fulton Street then travels via Bullman Drive, Alawoona Street, Wongarra Avenue, Myall Street, terminating at St Clair Road.



MORNING SERVICE:  Servicing Riverside Schools only.

Departs Bindaree Road 8:12am travel via Jetty Road, Beach Road 8:17am, all of Nobelius Drive, Freshwater Point Road to Legana Shopping Centre 8:30am to Riverside schools, drops outside Launceston Christian School into St Anthony’s, outside Riverside High School and Riverside Primary School grounds.



AFTERNOON SERVICE:  Servicing Riverside High, Launceston Christian School

Departs Riverside High 3:25pm, Launceston Christian School opposite the school on western side of West Tamar Highway and then travels via Danbury Park Drive, West Tamar Highway, turning into Fulton Street from the West Tamar Highway and then travels Bullman Drive, Freshwater Point Road, Legana Shopping Centre 3:35pm, West Tamar Highway, Atkinsons Road, Waldhorn Drive, Grindelwald to West Tamar Highway onto Exeter.



AFTERNOON SERVICE:  Servicing Riverside High to Legana.

Departs Riverside High 3:18pm sharp. This bus services West Tamar Highway to Bindaree Road 3:25pm and then travels Bindaree Road, Jetty Road, Beach Road, Nobelius Drive, Freshwater Point Road and terminates at Legana Shopping Centre 3:40pm.  This bus from RHS will be in front of the Possum bus so that children from the same family have the elder child to the bus stop first.



MORNING SERVICE:  Servicing ALL Riverside Schools (dropping only on West Tamar Road), Launceston College and terminating at 168 Brisbane Street, Launceston.

Departs Grindelwald Resort 7.55am, Bindaree Road 8:05am via Jetty Road, Beach Road, Freshwater Point Road and Legana Shopping Centre 8:25am and onto West Tamar Highway, dropping off on the main road only at Riverside schools continuing to Brisbane Street 8:44am and terminating at 8:45am at 168 Brisbane St.


MORNING SERVICE:  Services all Riverside Schools from Grindelwald, Kavala Street & Acropolis Drive

Departs cnr of Alpine Crescent and Waldhorn Drive, Grindelwald at 7:55am travel via Alpine Crescent and Atkinsons Road onto West Tamar Highway. The vehicle travels south on West Tamar Highway and turns west on Bridgenorth Road as far as Kavala Street turns south on Kavala Street to Acropolis Drive turns east on Acropolis Drive to West Tamar Highway then drops outside Launceston Christian School, into St Anthony’s Primary School, outside Riverside High School and down Cleghorn Avenue for Riverside Primary School. 

AFTERNOON SERVICE:  Services all Riverside Schools to Acropolis Drive, Kavala St & Grindelwald

Departs Riverside High 3:20pm, via West Tamar Highway to Acropolis Drive.  The vehicle then turns north from Acropolis Drive onto Kavala Street, East onto Bridgenorth Road and then travels North on West Tamar Highway to Grindelwald via Atkinsons Road and the whole of Alpine Crescent, the service ceases at corner of Alpine Crescent and Waldhorn Drive at approx. 4:05pm.  (This bus services Acropolis Drive, Kavala Street, Atkinsons Road and Grindelwald only (does not pickup or drop off in Legana)


8:10 am:  Cnr West Tamar Hwy & Ecclestone Rd, Cnr Ecclestone & Rowsphorn Rds, Cnr Rowsphorn Rd & Marlou Crt, Cnr Stephensdale & Tamar View Drives, Cnr Stephensdale Dr & Ecclestone Rd, Cnr Ecclestone & New Ecclestone Rds, Cnr New Ecclestone & Cormiston Rds, Cnr Cormiston Rd & West Tamar Hwy to RHS.

3:15 pm:  From RHS, Cnr Cormiston Rd & West Tamar Hwy, Cormiston Rd, Cnr Ecclestone & Rowsphorn Rds, Cnr Marlou Court, Rowsphorn Rd, Cnr Stephensdale & Tamar View Drive, New Ecclestone Rd, Cnr West Tamar Hwy & Ecclestone Rd.


Riverside High School Dress Code

The purpose of the Riverside High School Student Dress Code and Uniform Policy is to promote social equity in terms of clothing, ensuring that students are safe, easy to identify and enhancing a sense of pride within our school.

The aim of the Dress Code is to support the Uniform Policy through clearly outlining the school’s expectations and standards with regards to personal presentation.

Personal presentation

  • Students are expected to be well groomed, have a cleanly presented uniform and good personal hygiene. All visible clothing needs to adhere to uniform policy.
  • Students representing the school and attending excursions are expected to be in full school uniform at any school sanctioned activity outside of school grounds, including travelling both to and from school.

Jewellery and Make-up

  • The wearing of excessive amounts of jewellery with our school uniform is considered inappropriate. One small piece of each type is adequate; nose and eyebrow piercing to be a small stud for safety reasons.
  • Make-up is expected to be minimal, with a subtle natural appearance. This includes nail polish; nails are to be kept at a reasonable length for health and safety reasons.

Practical Considerations and Requirements

  • Ear pieces from phones are not to be displayed while you are walking around. Please make sure that these are tucked away and out of sight.
  • Every item of clothing should be clearly and permanently marked.
  • During practical MDT lessons where machines or moving equipment is present, suitable protective hair covering in the form of an approved type of hair net or cap must be worn.
  • With the exception of MDT/HPE classes, hats are not to be worn inside and are not to be taken to class.
  • During Food and Technology subjects long hair is to be tied back.
  • A complete change of clothing is required for Health and Wellbeing and sports activities. Students are expected to arrive in school uniform and change back into school uniform at the end of HWB classes and activities.
  • Hoodies are not part of our uniform and shouldn't be worn to school. Our Spray Jacket is the Uniform item for students to wear during colder weather. Spray jackets are not to be taken to Foods/MDT subjects.
  • Students are encouraged to ensure that they are Sun Smart when outdoors including wearing hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. Sun screen is provided by the school and available for students to use both during breaks, HPE lessons and other outdoor activities and events.


  • Where students are out of uniform, contact will be made with parents/carers to discuss whether support is required with the provision of uniform and to enlist parental assistance with complying with uniform policy. Every effort will be made to work in partnership with parents/carers.
  • Students who are out of uniform or who wear non-school outer garments will remain in the Quadrangle at recess and lunchtime so that duty staff in other areas can quickly recognise intruders.
  • Ongoing non-compliance may result in students being unable to participate in excursions or events that are held outside of the school.
  • Consequences such as detentions may be applied in circumstances where students have access to all uniform requirements but are being defiant of school policy and expectations.

Winter Uniform





RHS tartan



Navy, with school gold logo






Grey school trousers



All black – substantial schools shoes


Spray Jacket

RHS design and school colours



Optional – RHS school tie




Summer Uniform


RHS check



Grey school shorts







Sports Uniform



For HPE Lessons


Full change of appropriate clothes – trackpants/shorts, t-shirt, jumper, sandshoes and socks.  School sports uniform can be worn.







For Sports Teams

Polo Shirt

Navy with RHS logo


Rugby Top

RHS design and school colours


Track Pants







Sandshoes or sport specific footwear


Spray Jacket

RHS design and school colours







Summer & Winter


Grey school trousers



Grey school shorts






Optional – RHS school tie



All black – substantial school shoes






Navy with school gold logo


Spray Jacket

RHS design and school colours




Sports Uniform



For HPE Lessons


Full change of appropriate clothes – trackpants/shorts, t-shirt, jumper, sandshoes and socks.  School sports uniform can be worn.




For Sports Teams

Polo Shirt

Navy with RHS logo


Rugby Top

RHS design and school colours


Track Pants







Football – 1sts Adelaide Crows, all other teams Maroon



Sandshoes or sport specific footwear


Spray Jacket

RHS design and school colours



Riverside High Uniform Shop is able to supply a full range of uniform requirements, stocking new and some second hand uniforms.

The shop will open every Tuesday and Thursday between 8:30am and 11:00am.  To make things easier, we offer you the chance to come in and lay-by the items your child requires, with completion of payment due upon collection.

For any enquiries please contact Sue Purcell (0438 302 810)) (Uniform Shop Coordinator) or

uniform1 uniform2


Qkr has been introduced at Riverside High School for parents and students to use. Qkr allows student/staff lunch orders to be ordered and paid for on line (prior to 8:30am). Instructions on how to upload and set up the Qkr App can be found on pages 51 & 52.  (Daily Specials can be found on the QKR App)