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Riverside Rippers

We value: RESPECT, RELATIONSHIPS, ACHIEVEMENT, SAFETY and FAIRNESS Our learning culture is underpinned by a Growth Mindset

Mia 7D is being recognised as a Riverside Ripper this week to acknowledge the calm and mature way she has settled into high school life. Mia is organised, independent and applies effort to her learning. Her interactions with staff and support of her peers have demonstrated our school values of Respect and Endeavour. Well done Mia on a great start to the year.

Logan 7F is being recognised as a Riverside Ripper this week for his respectful manner and the positive start he has made at Riverside High School. Logan is always keen to help out as required and has been more than willing to assist others who may need some extra support and guidance. Well done Logan for being a positive role model in our class.

Alex 8B has demonstrated very high standards of respect towards staff and his classmates. He is always polite and has a friendly and open attitude towards others. Alex has aspired to make gains in his learning by the way he listens in class and makes an effort to complete all tasks. Alex is setting himself up for a successful year with his consistent Ripper attitude. He should be proud of his effort. 

Benjamin 8A has been nominated for this week’s Riverside Ripper due to his excellent start to the year. He has displayed a positive approach towards all classes and has endeavoured to achieve at his highest possible standard. Benjamin has also been respectful to his peers and this has helped to create an enjoyable classroom environment. Congratulations Benjamin. 

Tori 9B is a dedicated and hardworking student who consistently displays a Growth Mindset by setting herself high standards and being courageous in her learning. We have been impressed by Tori’s determination to being positive and seeking and responding to feedback. Tori should also be commended for striving to be the best in Mathematics. Well done Tori.

Kuba 9B is a student who is willing to be the best he can be in everything that he does. He has a willingness to take on challenges in Mathematics and perseveres until he completes learning tasks. Kuba should also be congratulated on displaying high standards of behaviour and demonstrating respect towards others. Well done Kuba.

Eleonore 10B is being recognised as a Riverside Ripper this week for the consistently excellent level of commitment to academic success she has shown during the first few weeks of term. Her friendly, outgoing nature allows her to interact positively with staff and her peers and she lives our school values of Courage, Aspiration, Respect and Endeavour in her attitude towards others. She diligently strives to give her best effort in everything she undertakes and she is reliable, punctual, well-organised and trustworthy. Her positive, cheerful demeanour makes her a valued citizen of our school. Congratulations Eleonore!


We are recognising Brody 10A this week for his continued academic success and his strong focus on achieving well from the start of the year. The strong qualities of resilience, diligence and tenacity soundly underscore his approach to learning and these qualities are bound to ensure continuing success into the future. Brody has shown considerable perseverance and a willingness to embrace a Growth Mindset by stepping outside of his comfort zone and having a go. Well done Brody! Keep up the hard work.